Kishami Academy has a new addition!

Nyla, our therapy dog

Meet Nyla our Service Dog in Training (SDiT). 

Nyla is our 2 year-old Border Collie/Labrador mix. We are currently working on basic obedience skills, becoming attuned to the early autism meltdown stages, and ignoring distractions. 

Nyla is a rescue who came to us already basically trained, but she was so unsure of what was expected with us--always waiting for the moment we would drop her off at a new home. As we reach three months of being together she is beginning to relax and understand that we are not giving her away, she is ours. 

Nyla is being trained for Ms. Rachel’s youngest child, but is getting her training by working with the students of Kishami Academy.

Update: May 2022

Nyla decided to stay with Kishami Academy. 

Nyla is our guard dog. 

She does a very good job at making sure that we know when people outside of our building are hanging around too closely, coming toward our door, or loitering near the windows. Nyla investigates all people who come into our school, usually stopping them before they can even step into our school. She greets students, parents, and therapists with enthusiasm and often demands a little attention.

Nyla is our Autism Service Dog. 

She cannot be faked out. She is being trained to give deep pressure therapy to students and teachers who are having meltdowns. However, she is very aware of the difference between tantrum and meltdown, and she is aware of the difference between a meltdown and when it begins to be an unnecessary continuance. This alerts the student and the teacher when it is time to regroup and refocus. From personal experience, her deep pressure hugs are so nice that I want to keep her that way as long as I can, but she won’t have it. She is there to work, and meltdown time is not play time. 

She senses anxiety and will often be found guarding the back of a student, or laying at their feet when they are not feeling optimum.