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Academy Pre-K to 12

Ages 3-21


8-10 a.m. Monday - Wednesday, Friday ($3,600/year)


9-3 p.m. Monday - Wednesday, Friday + late start Thursday at 11 a.m. ($12,000/year)


Available in two tracks ($12,000/year)

  • Filling in gaps in education and bringing the student to grade level = High School diploma
  • Co-enrollment in PPCC = High School diploma and AA with graduation ($18,000/year)


Students are welcome to arrive at school after 7 a.m. Monday through Friday (with notice)


2-5 p. m.

  • Includes homework help and tutoring to fill in gaps discovered during school.
  • Also includes 1/2 hour workshops: independent research topics, foreign language, outdoor activities, writers workshop, etc.

Tutoring Any Subject



Small group tutoring sessions (2-4 students) may be available, or created by you (1-hour at $15/per person)

Bridging Any Disability


This program is extremely beneficial to people with autism/ASD, AD/HD, and learning disabilities.

Intake testing -- $150

$300/month three times a week for an hour each (This program is included in the Academy as part of Physical Education).

Intake Testing


For the purpose of discovering the obvious gaps in your student's education, approximate grade level, and/or sensory issues that may be inhibiting academic advancement.

$100/for 2-3 hours

Available on Saturdays (This testing is included during the first week of fall Academy classes).

Pricing Breakdown


Payments accepted Annually--Quarterly--Monthly

Basic K-12: $12,000--$3,700--$1,400

Co-Enroll: $18,000--$5,000--$2,000

Pre-Kinder: $3,600--$1000--$400

For personalized payment plans please discuss with Rachel Widgren.