About Kishami Academy

Rachel Widgren - Kishami Academy Head Teacher

Head Teacher

Rachel Widgren


WELCOME!  My name is Rachel Widgren. I am the head-teacher, owner, and founder of Kishami Academy, LLC.

OUR MISSION is to see all students succeed by addressing their needs individually. Each student is empowered as we fill in knowledge gaps, allowing them to learn at their pace, and aid in physical balancing of mind and body by bridging disruptive connections within the brain.

About Rachel


I love reading and research, especially with the goal to find techniques that may help a student more efficiently.

I embrace the opportunity that arises when I find I have to say, “I don’t know” because that means I get to learn something new.

I enjoy applying the things I learn and seeing the resulting change in the students I work with.

I think the most amazing moments are when students discover something on their own or make a new connection to the material.

I am not afraid to try new things when the old are not working to my expectations.

My Certification


Colorado Professional Teaching License #213400

Social Studies Education (7-12)
Elementary Education (K-6)
Special Education, Generalist (5-21 years)
Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education (K-12)

Professional Education


B.A. History, Minor in Anthropology. California State University – Bakersfield

M.A. Education, emphasis on CLDE. Colorado State University – Pueblo

My personal educational experience comes as being a Mother of a son with Autism and a daughter with ADD. Through raising my children, I discovered I was high-functioning autistic, and have been able to use the experiences I had learning to survive without a diagnosis to help my son, and my students, understand their own internal workings.

Teaching Experiences


I have been teaching in one form or other since Kindergarten when I assisted my teachers with lower reading groups before running down the hall to my own reading group. Since then, I have studied with my mom, home-schooled my brother, tutored my friends, used my ability to read and understand directions to tutor those in classes I had never taken before. I like to learn!

These experiences have given me insight into practices that do and do not work, politics that hinder education, and ideas that I can apply freely in my classroom as needed to address the needs of each student.


  • Sunday school, 2-3 year olds (4 years)
  • AWANA, 3-4th grade (2 years)
  • Pioneer Girls, 5-6th grade (3 years)
  • Home-Scholar group, preschool-11th grade (2 years)
  • Substitute Teacher, 5 districts in California (2 years)
  • Substitute Teacher, 5 districts in Colorado (4 years)
  • ELD teacher, 4th grade + Intervention (1 year)