School Fundraiser

Help support our school with a purchase of donation items below.  Your generous donation is appreciated very much. Once you have made a purchase, please reach out to us to make arrangements in picking up your item(s).

If you have items you would like to donate, please contact us!  We'll add your name to our donor list for a little extra recognition.

Item 2108

"Slate" Painting


Item 2109

"Coastal" Painting


Item 2104

Beaded Masquerade Bag


Item 2105

Beaded Wall Hanging


Item 2102

Nutrition Consult (2 available)


About The Donors


Beaded Jewelry: Snowbreath’s Beads by Theresia Kemp,

Wellness Nutrition Sessions: NxWellness, LLC by Julie Fischer, MSHN,

Massage Therapy: Watford Wellness Works by Mary Stephens, LMT, CNMT, 720-207-4672

Gemstone Therapy: Gemstone Therapy Institute by Barbara, 253-948-2967

Thank you for your support!

Your Help Can Make a Difference


We are very grateful for your continuous generosity and support in providing a specialized and much-needed education for the children in our community.  With your help, we are able to broaden our reach and expand our endeavors to fill the gaps that give our students every chance at a successful and bright future.


Every dollar donated to Kishami Academy goes a long way and helps to provide equipment, technology, supplies, furniture and so much more.