Check out our new school

The first day of school in 2021 marked the tipping point--we needed a bigger place because we had too many students for where we were, but we did not have the money necessary to move to a traditional new location as Colorado Springs rental spaces are outrageous in cost. Having no government assistance or grants to help us move forward, we engaged in a search to find a place with landlords that would help us in this endeavor and work with us toward our future. 

Our search for a new place had actually been in place for several months with nothing appearing in our price range. We thought of moving with our previous partner, Dr. Kelley Watford, as we both thought perhaps a move would be impossible for our school alone. However, the second day of school in 2021, my Number One teacher and partner, Sarah Setterlind, handed me a piece of paper with a phone number on it. She was trembling with possibility as she said “This place is owned by a church.” 

I called, we met with the pastor and saw the place the next week. On February 1, 2021 we signed the lease and began moving. Our entire Kishami Academy family assisted in this move from heavy lifting, moving, cleaning, extra funds, time, driving the UHaul, painting, shopping, and helping to set up the school. The pictures below show many before and after shots of our progress. We celebrated the end of this moving phase on April 9th with an Open House.

Now that moving is not the focus of our everyday lives, the return to focusing on academics and our students' needs is again our top priority. I really had no clue how involved and time-consuming moving a school would be! It took me by surprise and wiped me out daily as I gave up weekends, spring break, and holidays to try and move this organizing forward faster. My Number One was by my side the entire way. 

This new place is large and spacious. The room gives us space to think, plan, explore, and move forward. It has lifted many pressures from our shoulders as we have space to move around and display what we want up. It gives me time to research and see everything I have without having to dig through boxes in storage. This place is amazing. 

You are welcome to come and check us out! Please contact us at to arrange a day and time that works for all of us.